Camellia x williamsii 'Jury's Yellow'
(Camellia 'Jury's Yellow')

Family - Theaceae
Category - Shrub
Season of Interest - Spring, Winter
Hardiness - H5
Height - 2.5m or more
Width - 2m
Location - The Stream Area

Description: A medium to large-sized Evergreen Shrub with an upright, bushy habit. Glossy dark green leaves are oval to Elliptic in shape and have coarsely toothed margins. Anemone form camellia flowers have an outer layer of white petals and a prominent, ruffled centre of much smaller, buttery yellow petals. The flowers are held singly on the stems and are produced from late winter into mid-spring.

Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

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Anemone-form camellia flowers have a single outer layer of creamy white petals surrounding a bold central cluster of buttery yellow petaloid stamens. The flowers are held singly on the branches and are produced from February into April.

Flower colour: White, yellow

Flower shape: Anemone form camellia flowers held singly

Flowering time: February, March, April


Glossy, dark green leaves are oval to Elliptic in shape and have Dentate margins. The leaves are Alternately arranged on the upright stems.

Foliage Senescence: Evergreen

Foliage Shape: Oval to elliptic




Best in full sun to partial shade in fertile, moisture-retentive soil that is well-drained. This plant prefers soil with a neutral to acidic pH.