Acer griseum
(Paper-bark Maple)

Family - Sapindaceae
Category - Trees
Origin - Central China
Discovered By - Introduced to Britain by Ernest Wilson
Year of Introduction - 1901
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Hardiness - H5
Height - 6m or more
Location - The Cool Garden

Description: Small Deciduous tree with an oval to rounded head and attractive, peeling, cinnamon-brown bark which provides winter interest. Dark green, trifoliate leaves have ovate leaflets with toothed margins. Inconspicuous, yellow flowers are produced in mid to late spring and are followed by samaras with curved wings. The foliage turns brilliant shades of orange to red in the autumn. Slow growing.

Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Synonym - Acer nikoense var. grideum.

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Small yellow flowers in pendant racemes usually in clusters of three in April-May. Flowers are followed by samaras with flattened, curved wings.

Flower colour: Yellow

Flower shape: Racemes

Flowering time: April, May


Trifoliate leaves have ovate leaflets with toothed margins. Leaflets are dark green on the surface with the undersides tinged white. The leaves are held in opposite pairs on the branches. The foliage turns Vivid orange to red in autumn.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Trifoliate, leaflets ovate

Autumn Colour: Orange to red


Seed, grafting.


Best in full sun to partial shade in fertile, moisture retentive, but well drained soil.