Ferula communis
(Giant Fennel)

Family - Apiaceae
Category - Perennial
Origin - Mediterranean
Year of Introduction - 1597
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer
Hardiness - H3
Height - up to 3m
Width - 1m
Location - The Pond Garden, The Terrace

Description: Herbaceous Perennial that forms mounds of soft, feathery foliage. The dark green leaves are bipinnate (or more) and highly Divided, with many fine, linear leaflets. Small, golden yellow, star-shaped flowers are produced in compound umbels from late spring to early summer. The umbels are produced on tall, upright and branched stems. Plants can take several years to flower and may die after setting seed.

Synonym Ferula communis 'Gigantea', F. chiliantha

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Small yellow, star-shaped flowers are produced in compound umbels on branched, upright stems from May to June. The flower stems can reach to 3m or more in height. (Possibly more in its native region.)

Flower colour: Yellow

Flower shape: Star-shaped flowers in compound umbels

Flowering time: May, June


Attractive, dark green foliage is bipinnate, sometimes 3 or 4-pinnate, with many linear leaflets.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Bipinnate with linear leaflets




Best in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil.