Acer japonicum 'Vitifolium'

Family - Sapindaceae
Category - Shrub, tree
Year of Introduction - 1882
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer, Autumn
Hardiness - H6
Height - up to 10m
Width - up to 10m
Location - The Pond Garden

Description: Deciduous, large upright Shrub or small tree with a round crown. Large, fan-shaped, palmately lobed leaves are dark green and have coarsely toothed margins. Clusters of small, pendulous deep red flowers are produced in mid-spring and are followed by small red samaras. The leaves turn vibrant shades of yellow to brilliant red in the autumn. The leaves are reminiscent of that of the grapevine -Vitis, as reflected in the name.

Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

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Deep red flowers are produced in pendent clusters as the leaves emerge in April and are followed by small, red samaras.

Flower colour: Red

Flower shape: Small flowers held in clusters

Flowering time: April


Palmately lobed leaves emerge pale green, tinted red, in the spring and mature to large, dark green leaves, generally with nine to eleven lobes with coarsely toothed margins. The leaves are held in opposite pairs on the branches. Foliage turns brilliant shades of yellow to red in the autumn.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Palmately lobed

Autumn Colour: Yellow, orange, red


Grafting, softwood cuttings.


Best in full sun to partial shade in rich, moisture retentive, but well drained soil.