Erica scoparia
(Besom Heath)

Family - Ericaceae
Category - Shrub
Origin - Western Mediterranean Region
Year of Introduction - 1770
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer
Hardiness - H5
Height - up to 2m
Width - 1m
Location - The Thicket

Description: A medium-sized, Evergreen Shrub with an upright, bushy habit. Short, dark green leaves are linear in shape. Small, bell-shaped flowers are an unusual shade of greenish-brown. The Blooms are held in Racemes and are produced from late spring into early summer.


Small, greenish-brown, bell-shaped flowers are held in racemes and are produced in May and June.

Flower colour: Green

Flower shape: Bell-shaped flowers in racemes

Flowering time: May, June


Short, dark green, needle-like leaves are linear in shape. The leaves are spirally arranged on the stems.

Foliage Senescence: Evergreen

Foliage Shape: Linear




Best in full sun in well-drained, acidic soil.