Bergenia ciliata
(Fringed Bergenia)

Family - Saxifragaceae
Category - Perennial
Origin - Western Himalayas
Year of Introduction - 1819
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer
Hardiness - H4
Height - 30cm
Width - 45cm
Location - The Spring Garden, The Woodland Walk

Description: A Deciduous Perennial with a clump-forming habit. Large mid to dark leaves are rounded to heart-shaped and covered in fine, soft hairs. Bell-shaped flowers are a gentle shade of pale pink to white. The Blooms are held in upright panicles and are produced in early spring as the leaves emerge. Attractive to pollinating insects.

Synonym - Megasea ciliata, Saxifraga thysanoides

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White to pale pink bell-shaped flowers have deeper pink calyces. The blooms are held in upright panicles and are produced in April.

Flower colour: White to pale pink

Flower shape: Bell-shaped flowers held in panicles

Flowering time: April


Mid to dark green leaves are rounded to Cordate in shape. The leaves are covered in fine, downy hair on both the upper surfaces and the undersides. The foliage is held in rosettes at the base of the plant.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Rounded to cordate


Seed, division.


Best in full or partial shade in moisture-retentive soil that is well-drained.