Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum'
(Pink Cow Parsley )

Family - Apiaceae
Category - Perennial
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer
Hardiness - H7
Height - 60cm
Width - 30cm
Location - The Stream Area, The Walled Garden, The Woodland Walk

Description: A herbaceous Perennial with an upright habit. Sweetly scented, fern-like leaves are bipinnate to tripinnate with ovate to heart-shaped leaflets. Many small, rosy pink flowers are held in lacy umbels. The umbels are held atop upright stems and are produced from late spring into early summer, and occasionally reappear in late summer.

Additional common name - Hairy Chervil 'Roseum'

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Small, rosy-pink flowers are held in umbels on upright stems in May and June. Occasionally flowers will be produced again in August.

Flower colour: Pink

Flower shape: Umbels

Flowering time: May, June


Aromatic mid-green foliage is bipinnate to tripinnate with Divided ovate to Cordate leaflets. The leaves are mostly held at the base of the plant with some leaves held on the flowering stems.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Bipinnate or tripinnate with ovate or cordate leaflets




Best in full sun to partial shade in fertile, moisture-retentive soil that is well-drained.