Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'

Family - Celastraceae
Category - Shrub
Origin - Raised in the USA
Year of Introduction - Prior to 1928
Season of Interest - Spring, Summer, Autumn
Hardiness - H6
Height - 1.5m or more
Width - 1.5m or more
Location - The Topiary Meadow

Description: A medium-sized Deciduous Shrub with upright branches and a rounded habit. Mid to dark green leaves are Elliptic to obovate in shape and held in opposite pairs on winged stems. The flattened wings are not as prominent on Euonymus alatus 'Compactus' as they are on E. alatus and other cultivars. Small greenish-yellow flowers are cross-shaped. The Blooms are held in Cymes along the branches and produced from late spring into early summer and are followed by round, orange, Berry-like fruit in autumn. 'Compactus' is renowned for and often considered one of the best species for its outstanding, brilliant red autumn colour. Slow-growing.

Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

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Small, pale greenish-yellow flowers are cruciform in shape, and each bloom has a green centre. The blooms are held in cymes along the stems and are produced in May and June. The flowers are followed by round, berry-like fruit that turns orange in autumn.

Flower colour: Green

Flower shape: Cruciform flowers held in cymes

Flowering time: May, June


Mid to dark green leaves are Elliptic to obovate in shape. The leaves are held in opposite pairs on winged stems. The foliage turns brilliant red in autumn. 'Compactus' is renowned for its exceptional autumn colour.

Foliage Senescence: Deciduous

Foliage Shape: Elliptic to obovate

Autumn Colour: Brilliant Red

Poison Information:

May cause discomfort if ingested.




Best in full sun to partial shade in moisture-retentive soil that is well-drained.